Age of Sigmar: Right of Conquest

Rule Pack

NOTE: These are the base rules, as we go through the campaign there will be scenarios that bend/outright break these rules, but those will be made explicitly clear when that is the case. Likewise, this is a bit of a living document, if we are finding something to not be working as we play, then we will change as few rules as we can to make it work for us.

Army Comp

• 20 Wounds
• 0-1 Hero
• 0 Monsters
• 0 Warmachines
• 2 Duplicated allowed per Warscroll, save for named characters, then only 1 allowed
• Warscrolls will be used as is, save for the unit mins will be half of the printed amount, rounded up (so min 10 can be 5 models, min 5 can be 3, and min 3 can be 2 models)
• You don’t need to deploy your full army if you have some way to bring units to the table, but you can only ‘summon’ those units you didn’t deploy
• No formations allowed
• Can use any models you like, even across the 4 ‘factions’ but there has to be some fluff reason for why, subject to the group calling you out for lameness. If you aren’t sure, then your reason probably isn’t strong enough. Otherwise, stick to the faction and then no problem. This somewhat applies to mixing 8th Ed army books, but less stringent, just don’t be a douche

General Rules

• Visibility is based on being able to see at least a ‘head size’ amount of the model, and artificial things like banners and weapons do not count (exceptions to the ‘artificial thing’: warmachines and chariots)
• Measurement will be to the model, with the same limitation as above
• The one exception from the main rules is pivoting is free (I don’t want people moving models backwards since it saves some fraction of an inch in movement)
• No stacking of bases, this may lead to some needed gentlemen’s agreements about where things could fit if there was no base, just make sure things are discussed and everyone agrees
o One thing to keep in mind, models cannot overlap, so you cannot have one of your models reaching over the shoulder of another of your models to get into melee range

Game Play

• Each game day will have at least one scenario featured, some weeks there might be two or more, with different bonuses they could grant your army. In either case pairings will be randomized, with those that chose the same scenario being matched first as well as leaning towards matching people that haven’t played each other yet. If we have an odd number of people signing up for different scenarios, that might mean someone is bumped, but I will let you know when that is applicable, and see if someone would play the other willingly
• Games are 6 turns or until one side is tabled
• Missions that are checking a game state at a turn that doesn’t happen (having a model alive after 6 turns where one side is tabled at turn 4) are considered completed successfully for the side that still has models on the table
o Each game is worth 20 points
 8 points for succeeding in the scenario
 4 points for both the Assassinate and Blunt sudden death conditions in the rules
 4 points for having a completely painted army in your game


• There will be a push for having some fluff reason for your warband/army/scouting party. It is still TBD, but there will be times along the way where some points may be up for grabs for some fluffier things, like story write ups, hero backgrounds, etc


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